a lesson on price

a story on price

perception of value
man wants to get a website made for him to sell his products that cost 20,000

three quotes:
low, middle, high
5000, 10000 30000

for a typical man, middle priced option will be chosen regardless
but what you get is only worth that 10,000

in the end, he loses all his investments because nobody likes his website and not ranked well on google

if he bought that 30,000 website that was designed well, it might have sold him that product, which would have payed back the cost of the website and might even brought him even more website.
you need to be willing to make that initial sacrifice if you want higher returns in the future.

as an organization trying to set prices.
you can charge budget price, do crap jobs.
you’re going to work really hard but you’re not going to make money

at some point, you need to put your foot in
and double your prices, invest in your office, your own website
and only accept jobs that are good projects

so then you get much more money
much higher quality jobs, designs which you can add to your portfolio.

but the precondition is you need to be a good and that people will respect and observe.
the only way is to be good and be confident about it.


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