last momento of idleness.

back to a discussion of what i want to do with my next semester as in my social self after
reading previous things i’ve written.

should i partake in my own share of D.F.M.O. next semester (standing for dance floor make out) and embrace this liberal culture that i have been weary of?

iaofchewdrin is right. i do care, which is why i’m thinking about it …constantly, almost obsessively
in some way, it seems like a never ending debate, but at least for now, sth i have stopped worrying about compared to last time is the sex dilemma.

i guess it’s my fault as well. i think i can turn myself on and off like switches, every decisions resulting in a 1 or 0. this blog was meant to be a debating ground for that process, to decide which to choose of these two special numbers.

i guess it’s time to re-remember floating point, decimals, that there may be no need to make every decision so final, so limiting. on the other hand, should i try to feel it again, just do what i feel comfortable with.

whether i decide now doesn’t account to anything if placed-in-that-situation again, like last time, i decide no in the split of a second.

it’s a bad thing that i’m analytical, excessively so, bringing no end to any debate. the end of a post is only a sign of exhaustion, a momentary pause in my train of thought, but never a final resounding state of mind.

an improvement from last time though, is that i’m going to divorce moral and immoral from this discussion, because as people have told me, morality is not involved. it depends on how i look at it.

instead, i should believe in how i feel, if i like it.

p.s. wondering why i’m starting to really like electronic music.

One thought on “last momento of idleness.

  1. I’ve restraint myself from replying for a while, but now I think it is beneficial for me to say something.

    You seem to have been confused for quite some time and still have not managed to sort yourself out, the reason being that you are just not thinking and reasoning correctly.

    Ex. “morality is not involved. it depends on how i look at it” Outrageously incorrect statement. Murdering does not involve morality. It depends on how you look at it, right? If this is true, then you are a genius. You have managed to solve the problems of moral philosophy that people have been preoccupied with for centuries by saying “morality is not involved, just look at it differently”.

    Anyways, the point is not to pick on you, but to show you that you need a proper argument. List out the for and against arguments for both sides, then look at it and see which things matter to you and which don’t. Then you can conclude, instead of wandering aimlessly with all these ill-supported statements.

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