rebuilding paper from its torn pieces

part 1:
relating physics to life

if human life was like a particle travelling on a circle starting from the origin.
and each axis represented an influence in our life,
then we would be able to trace the life of our paths in its convoluted direction.
but to account for the many influences in our life, we probably would have to use many many variables

it would be hard to define success because it wouldn’t matter how far you traveled in a straight line because a straight line is boring
and a curved and unpredictable path which you can look back on during the flashback the moment before you die which allows you to point out those turns, and curves that characterize your life would be the one worth living.

part 2:
interesting conversation with memphis, a friend, that resulted in some interesting ideas

life goals:
his idea: walk around equator as a freegan
my idea: turn your life into some tangible goal, a journey
so that you as a person will be better judged by your will, by your determination and not by your job, your accomplishments

ways to destress
his idea: walk without purpose, aimlessly, walk to a corner store. talk to someone for twenty minutes. without expecting anything, you get something out of it.
his other version: sit in the hammock, drinking soda and just think.
my version: walk around the living room with all the lights turned off. and write down whatever i’m thinking
his roommate’s version: take a train to boston and just look at the river. after he’s ok with it, come back.

if you ever feel stressed out by life, walk somewhere far, with/without purpose.

i enjoy alone time, it gives me solitude, gives me space, gives me reflection.

part 3:
a response I wrote to the author of an opinion piece in our newspaper

My name is shumone and I’m a freshman. I just read your article opinions piece today and I found it very inspiring. You make a very articulated argument about writing but I think your argument extends well beyond the confines of writing. I think you’re making an argument about life, about the constraints we, as human beings face, by having things like memory, a past. We are the sum of our past as the old saying says and very often we are confined by it, as we always desire to be better than our previous selves. For example, this shopping period, three of my classes have been determined because of concentration requirements but I’ve shopped ten to twelve classes for the remaining one or two, all in the vain hope of trying not to make a bad decision. As I am tormented by my decision and contemplate whether this class I’ve sort of committed to take will give me the most, I realize that sometimes choice becomes an excessive liability. If you think back to the most difficult decisions you’ve made in your life, I think you will likely agree that none of them have turned out extremely bad. It’s human nature to look back and find good things to feel happy about and we should exploit that. There is a delicate balance between humility/deliberation and confidence. Although I often find myself on the side of deliberation, I think I need to realize that there is no need to be afraid of the future. Regardless of our powers, time cannot be controlled and time keeps progressing. Therefore, the future will still come to us even if we don’t do anything. You are right in that there shouldn’t be any “illusions of grandeur or image” in our years of living but there should be action regardless of what it may bring.


can’t seem to relate it but i can feel a general arc, general relationship between these three things.  and they sound good, so hopefully this is what this semester will be.

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