4. really-ty

shades of nourishment come to view as we roll on the winding road
then, we come to a stop
come into full view of an indigenous day care school.

three hours later, we leave
what is our purpose in this world?
that’s one of the things i’ve been debating with myself this trip

what does it mean to extend a helping hand?
providing needed medicine to indigenous Andean people in rural latin america
providing support for inner-city rural poverty
providing food for poverty, famine-stricken saharan africa

each has its own reason, each its own right.
but what are we to do to save mankind entirely
which is the most noble, the most worthy?

typing this in a hotel in rural Ecuador,
what presence does our short stay here contribute to?
we may have saved ourself by feeling good after helping people
but have we actually saved them?

after today, we will go back to our lives. if we do, we will come back next year and the year after. but what have we done?
what do we accomplish with our fancy cameras, beautiful photos, if not only memories?
it’s easier to hide back into our world, which we can, and continue on with our selfish lives.

what about everyone else?
this is primary aid, what of secondary aid, of raising income level, of raising literacy rate, through public policy, would that not be more beneficial and helpful?

1 billion is a statistic, but if you were to look at each of the 1 billion faces, you would be overcome by numbness, if not already dead from grief.

what is existence meant to be, for those who have been given a chance to live a life where they can choose.
yes, i am now free from the thought of work. but what of my life?
at different times, i’m occupied by different things.
right now, i’m occupied by lofty things like the purpose of my life. soon enough, i will be occupied by work. right now, i can think of who i like. but reality strikes quick and lethal.

it leaves you without space to think.

u can hope, aspire, wish without stress.
in stress, u can only cut corners, plan exactly.

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