3. o sole mio

in the words of my father, he said
“you need to be accountable for your actions realizing there are tradeoffs in life they are things you want to do, but they are tradeoffs that you need to accept to do certain things. ”

in the words of me and Chen,
“you are no longer accountable to anyone.that whatever you do cannot be influenced by others.no one can contorl what time you sleep, what time you eat, what you do.

it depends on the person. it’s about achieving the balance between both things.”

two ways of putting it, but i feel like I have a much more positive message with my words
also realize that when you go to college,
you grow up.you talk to people being who you are
you navigate your own way through life

you attract the people you attract and you make the friends you do.
that your life is no longer structured. that what you do is only by who you are.

you parents can’t control who you are. you are who you are, whoever you want to become.

i realize i’m a person who needs structure in my life.i need there to be consistently input in my life so that i feel like i’m not wasting a single moment


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