5. okcupid

i’m writing this now even though I know that two weeks later I’ll think of how unattainable these things are.

qualities I look for in a girl (not in order of importance)
great smile
an even better laughter
prettiest when she smiles or laughs (that’s the case for most girls i think)
a genuinely kind and loving heart to help and serve others
no feeling of cosmic destiny
one thing i’ve been recently been shown is that quite often people at Brown think they have some cosmic destiny. they think that because they are at Brown or for other reasons that he/she will be someone great and important.
i don’t quite agree.
i think that attitude exaggerate’s one’s self worth. Once you do that, you run the risk of being able to say that your happiness, well-being is more important than that of others.
Therefore, it becomes a psychological poison
it’s just that i’ve met more down-to-earth people in this week that I probably have in the entire semester.
i guess i’m just a person who probably would have done psychologically better if i was surrounded by less geniuses
and share my life with more normal people who too made dumb mistakes in the past and not just scores of achievements and successes.

this is the best trip i’ve had in my life with peers.


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