infinitessimaly small

Logic is not flawed.
Empirical reasoning is.
The only sense of judgement we have is our feelings.

If we are to accept the basic premise that we are in fact not masters of the universe
Even if we are God’s loved ones, it still doesn’t mean we will survive.
Then, everything that we manage to accomplish will be an achievement.
Our world view would be an optimistic one.

Religion to a large degree is man made
Sprinkled with homo-centered thinking.
If god is impartial, then we will have sinned
Even if loves us, it still does not mean we will be sparred
Even if he does, that would be a huge gift from him.

We only have the final premise that God loves us and has forgiven us
But by what logic he reached that is unknown.

what i’m trying to get at here is really one thing.

from my comparative literature on Paradise lost, an epic on John Milton’s view of Christianity, which i kind of dislike because people discuss religion, God like they own it, like they can control it. i think we need to realize we are much smaller than we think we are.

from my experience this year as a college freshman realizing that you are really only responsible to yourself, by that i mean your desires, your dreams. don’t do things to compete. don’t do things to compare. do them because you feel you have to do them.

from a conversation just now that happened in my room with a few friends where we were discussing that we should always reconsider we are doing. we should never do things society, people tell us to do and end up living an unhappy life. part of our job is to show society that what we’re doing is fine, fine for us, fine for them.

from something my mentor told me about a feeling of relief when he realized that he didn’t need to live a perfect life. now, i understand it. i am not the shit. we are not the shit. we don’t have to live life so stressed out about making the right decisions all the time. make wrong decisions, go down the wrong path. that’s what living life is about.

from JL’s inspiration of seeing Saturn with his own eyes. now, i understand that since we are so small, to be able to understand so much about this universe we are in, to be able to see a celestial body so far away with man made instruments with our naked eyes is truly a testament to, even if little, achievement of mankind.

wow. that feels great, to be able to sum of everything i’ve understood, realized and felt in the past month into this little blog post. thanks


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