open letter to troublemakers

Dear Reader,

so here’s my problem. Every morning I open the newspaper, I read about more problems in the world. and even when older problems fade out of eyesight and disappear from the the last page of the paper, it doesn’t mean that they were solved.

So here I am living in a college dormitory. Weekends are respite from coursework, from reality. That much I understand. But why do you break exit signs, wreck things, leave a mess for other people to clean up? What satisfaction does destruction give? Janitors are hired as a privilege, not a necessity. There are many other things that should be destructed: racism, sexism, tyrannies. Why do you need to focus your attention on breaking exit signs? This is my problem with you. You are creating more problems when you don’t have to, in a world where there are already too many fucked up problems. Please, I beg you, become a better person.


so i don’t know if this represents my frustration with the world or with this country. The greatness and faults of this country start and end with the culture, the culture of “me”.

There have been lots of celebrations on the death of Osama bin Laden within the US. This man’s place in history I won’t discuss. But I want to discuss the effects of this operation.

You proved to another country that you had the power and military expertise to drop a team of people and break into one of the safest compounds and kill people. No I don’t understand the effect of 9/11 on American people, having been an outsider. But I still don’t see how this is not analogous to terrorists coming to your country unknowingly and killing important people if you look from their point of view.

You call terrorists terrorists but you are the ones carrying guns walking around people’s backyards in their country. If you are trying to understand why there are still insurgents, look at the situation from their point of view for a second. I think the US ought to rethink the discussion on the definition of terrorists. If terrorism is spreading fear among people, I feel like an American military capable of complete destruction in an instant, with bombs and bullets should also be defined as such.

I insert as a post script this link to a CNN article about a proposal written by military representatives in the Joint Chief of Staff:



2 thoughts on “open letter to troublemakers

  1. The news is rather depressing isn’t it. I suppose papers wouldn’t exist without problems – they need something to grab headlines with and to catch people’s attention. How else do they make advertisement money (actually scrap that, that is a pretty bleak and depressing way to look at the world).
    What would you consider is the reason we are always drawn to ‘devastating issues’? Do you think it’s human nature?
    For instance, every month, scientists discover a new ‘catastrophe’, a new global warming fact or something, and the media over exaggerates its effects, resulting in public anger. But as usual, the public’s short-term memory is quickly conducted to move on, and not even the most tragic natural event, I don’t know, like a tsunami, can change the way we behave.
    We’re living in a new society where vested interest and encouraged consumption have become priority, and that allows us to acknoledge problems yet do nothing about them. That’s a terrible excuse though, but perhaps marginally true.

    I suppose people act the way they do because 1. they are trying to make a point (racism, sexism), people aren’t born racist, or sexist – they’re either taught to be, or something happenned to them which allows them to think it’s ok to be racist/sexist because they too were offended once in some way, and now they’re insecure and want others to feel the same. Then there are those who are just immature.

    Bin Laden’s death. Well, perhaps a little harsh to say you don’t understand the effects of 9/11 on American people. But I suppose it’s hard to imagine grief for other people’s love ones who passed away, especially as 911 happenned when we were so young. Nevertheless, those were a lot of lives killed. Would you not say his death was justice? Bin Laden was never going to die peacefully anyway – the US were always going to hunt him down no matter how long it took, which means I guess they were never going to/plan on forgiving him.

    by the way, who’s lizzie that you keep referring to in your blogs?

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