a piece of news on sunday’s nytimes really struck me.

it was a two page article about how 3 old men, around 60 years old, were arrested after four decades of mistakenly killing a teenage friend after trying to “teach him a lesson”.

So here’s my question. is it necessary?
as i ask myself that question, i’m going back and forth between the two sides, thinking of why.
yes, justice is now served to the kid’s father who has been living in a shadow of his son’s death for four decades
yes, old men who have been trying to hide this secret for four decades will be spending years before they die rotting in a prison for a crime they did not want to commit but did.
is it necessary or even right to go back down into the past and try to judge someone from their previous actions?

it’s basically the same discussion as last time’s.
it may be a relief for families of sept 11 victims to know that bin laden is now dead. but should we celebrate in retribution, in the belief that justice has been served?

yes, my position is controversial.
does this mean that i believe that murderers and rapists should all be set free? no, not all should.
which ones should be then? drink drivers who murdered, involuntary manslaughter criminals.
i think the important word here is intention. no one feels good about killing. if they do, they should probably be not within close proximity of human beings.
but drink drivers. think of the cases where the court sends a kid to jail after he drink drives and kills three of his friends. true, he killed because of his actions. true, he also probably didn’t want to. true, he could have been dead too. true, his soul is probably rotting inside for his actions.

can i forgive my son’s friend who killed my son in a car crash? yes, i can. i think if anything, the friend needs so much more love and support than this judging world will ever give him. i understand we want justice. but why do we firmly believe in the idea of justice. hasn’t the meaning of this word lost so much meaning already, even if we glance back into the 20th century? justice involves right and wrong. who are we to tell who is right and who is wrong?

what’s the point of this you ask? i say we start loving more.


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