change but i have change to-and-from

so i’m back and it’s interesting as i tell other people, to realize how i’ve changed

some things i realize
a) i’ve become more american, how i will explain
b) asians like game-show humor
c) americans open doors for other people.
d) confucianism demands that we don’t create trouble for other people
e) people don’t smile and say thank you here.

this comes from reading paper tiger as well. just being in a Chinese society, living around Chinese people who act differently slowly morph me back into my Chinese self. so it’s going to be some interesting three four years. changing to-and-from, back-and-froth. as i’ve been reading the book social intelligence by Daniel Goleman, pre-frontal cortex development continues our early twenties. and what will these back and forth four years mean for me?


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