dinner w/ an architect.

study abroad

what is it like to be an architect?
it’s all about restrictions.
fighting with developers to develop what you like.

what is architecture?
part art, part technical.
i’m disappointed it took him only three.
it took me 9 years to develop that
how many people actually get to treat architecture as art?
there’s a few people up there, but the rest treat it as a job.
architecture is so hard, people don’t know, so still get into it
architecture is patient in the long term
impatient for day to day

hedonistic pleasures of university.
university, still something that you won’t want to do.
you learn things about yourself, about others.
use it as an opportunity to do something that you will never get a chance to do in the future
i used it to experimental projects, because i knew i wouldn’t get a chance to do them when i had work.

creating something that will last beyond your life time.
designing for the developer, or the public, or yourself.
as the designer, anticipating how the developer will see it, how the public will, how they will see it many years after you die.

study abroad, travelling, experiences, journeys
the shit
but shit is just shit
it’s the lack of personal space that really gets to you
slept two days to get a train ticket
someone staring in his face while he shits
sleeping in worker dorms
just to see what china is
the bad things never stay. you see good even out of bad things

keeping your eyes on the big picture
in university, in life, in anywhere.

back to me
i’ve been thinking, related to the parting speech for my co-worker:
was thinking about when i should stop.
right now, i still don’t see a stopping place.
what is enough?
is mtr enough, or is chauffeured car enough. or is helicopter enough?

trying everything
depth and breadth
yes, keep my mind on the big picture.
i want a life to be a bit more tough right now. need some hardship to see the light.


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