i’ve decided to start another venture: blogging. let’s see where this goes. this will be my tech blog. tech is a huge word though, this always shows i’m not too sure how to position myself. i already do similar stuff on posterous, putting up links, posts, adding one liners. this just means adding another level of thought and analysis to whatever i read, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just might take a bit more time. the thing is everyone has a tech blog these days. i don’t have a job, don’t have special insight. so i’ll mostly be re-posting other links and posts. in the future, i hope to do variety of things: industry overviews, HOW-TOs, but let’s not get too far into the future.

this post will be why i like tech.

this has to do with mom snatching my gameboy at a young age. deprived of handheld consoles, i went to the new found internet for entertainment. from dial-ups, to modems, to broadband, to wifi. at an age of around 14, i got exposed to lifehacker, which sort of cemented my love of tech, not just as a user, but more and more as a developer, the behind-the-scenes stuff, the tech involved, beneath the surface stuff. i always wanted to learn how to program but never did during high school. finally got the chance to during university.

it’s hard to describe my relationship with programming. i love it intensely, i will admit, for very short bursts. but once i’m reached a level which i’m comfortable with. i don’t touch it for a very long time. but i don’t wanna just be a user, i want to be a developer now that i’ve been on the other side. i like this process of creation. i’m here to stay in the tech field, now is the point where i gotta choose what i want to do. as much as this blog will be a one-way street to the world, the other side will be connected to me, and hopefully i can use it to redirect traffic inside me and find a spot i wanna park. so here’s to all you anonymous but appreciated readers out there, leave a comment and thanks for reading.

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