my deal with social media

can you imagine a day without facebook anymore? without tags, likes, comments, hashtags? what did we do before that?

for those of us who grew up with the internet boom, who wrote e-mails before we wrote real letters, we understand the word media very differently from those who precede us, even our parents.

to list a simple example, it took me and my brother a long time to explain to my mom why people uploaded Naturo episodes onto youtube for free. our reason was social recognition.

it took PR firms and the public years and months before some corporations are now finally putting down the corporate PR face and allowing employee blogs, personal releases.

it took a long time too for me to convince myself to publicize my blog, have a linkedin profile, put stuff onto social network sites. because if you think about it, it’s absolutely amazing how much information we now have of each other after just a few years of voluntarily putting up information on sites like facebook, twitter and blogs.

the stuff i have publicized is probably more than many authors whose understanding and craft of the English language exceed mine.

slowly, we’ve seen over the generations, the lowering of the barriers to entry of expression. it used to be that you had to be a reputable and rich man to start a newspaper. now, the barrier of entry of publishing your first blog post is now minutes, as wordpress famously advertises. it takes a few clicks of the thumb to publish your less-than-140-characters tweet to your followers.

the world is changing, one of the changing forces is social media. more and more people are doing things not the Taylor way, but for social recognition or simply because they like doing it.

everything is a social experiment, including this blog series, this one-way street into the increasing heap of digital noise that is changing the way we understand media. we don’t know where it’s headed but no one wants to be the last to arrive at the scene anymore.

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