thanksgiving reprise

haven’t been reading as much in the last month or so just because of school work and things.
now that thanksgiving is here and i’ve caught up with sleep, i’m just cleaning out links i’ve saved.

here’s a depressing one

here’s one that i will show my brother when i get back home.

here’s one that americans should read.

programming section:

i now realize i’m very much a cs guy by now. i monitor hacker news religiously for number 2 reads.
the non-personal topic which i enjoy discussing with people is now cs.

blog entry about C/C++/Lisp/Ruby/Java/Python/Perl
which makes me want to learn Ruby over the summer using this:’s_(poignant)_Guide_to_Ruby

blog entry about the different classifications of languages

site on all the different languages

i realize i love reading about languages but i never actually learn any of them.
this IS my problem. i love reading about things and never actually do any of it.

Use of probability in the TrueSkill algorithm for Xbox live.

Use of probability in how to measure proficiency for Khan academy

The future of user interface


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