world values survey

been spending a lot of time on wikipedia lately.
found this article about a survey that measures countries by their cultural values. take a look.

one comment though is that china, japan, taiwan are ranked very secular-relational, which means “These societies place less emphasis on religion, traditional family values and authority. Divorce, abortion, euthanasia and suicide are seen as relatively acceptable.” it makes sense with this statement “while in China only three percent considered religion very important” found later in the article but it’s weird when you look at the graph below and see that USA is identified as being a lot more traditional. i’m quite puzzled. whilst religion may be less common in China, i think divorce, abortion, suicide is more accepted in USA. and without a doubt, east asian countries place more emphasis on traditional family values and deference to authorities (obedient asian kids and crazy asian mothers, anyone?)

at least the east asian countries are grouped together. the list of key people of the organization also seems quite euro-centric-ignorant, further proven by the concentration of european countries in the top right corner, countries identified as secular-relational and self-expression, which i would think to be the indicators of a more developed and liberal society.

graph from wiki

File:Inglehart Values Map.svg


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