social human.

we are social animals.
our emotional well being depend on these social ties

these relationships can be with individual people
but also with larger things: family, neighborhoods, places, countries, ethnicity, culture, world

the more powerful the tie, the stronger the impact on us.
our lives are finite, the function of these ties are in some ways to allow our lives to be lived on by others.

but sometimes i sort of find them somewhat deceiving.
because they can lead us to do stupid things.

family ties that drive people to continue multi-generation family feuds
team ties that drive sport fans to cry and riot after their teams lose
patriotic ties that drive people to carry weapons and kill other human beings

i feel like any tie less than one with the human race is still selfish.
when you are doing something because of a specific social tie,
you are still imposing your belief on others, neglecting other people’s feelings.
i have a vision that one day the tie that matters most to us will be the one with the human race.
the one that will allow us to put pass our differences,
to lose all judgement, prejudice, discrimination
to look at everyone else in the eye equally
and live our lives for all the other human beings.


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