*WARNING* let’s all die.

credits to Jim for his beautiful thoughts.
there is no meaning for life. the reasoning i used is here.
we could be a controlled experiment, a simulation.
so how do we beat it? to leave the matrix, you must die.
i won’t and how many people will?
humans are biologically wired to be survive. we cannot stop breathing and try to suffocate ourselves even if we want to.
if you try to suffocate yourself with your hands. at some point, you lose consciousness and you relax the grip on your hands.
according to evolution, the ones who mentally wanted to live continued. the ones who didn’t want to live were purged off. we are the offspring of the ones who did.
so no, we won’t suicide (at least I won’t)
the way to live “the meaningless life” is to live it the way you want. don’t let someone else dictate.
and of course you would want to live a happy life.
to do that, take advantage of the flawed human nature:
we can be deceived, we adapt and we are selfish.
the selfishness relates to a belief that everything we do is hidden under the guise of selfishness.
even if you think of a situation in which a mother decides to let her son live, you can also think of it as selfish situation. because the one who passes the gene wants the offspring to live.
adaptation is also biologically favorable. for settling into new environments, new foods. it’s biological that response to a stimulus decreases over time.
if we get the same reward from doing the same thing, it is much less likely for us to do it the tenth time than the first time.
and deception. we can deceive ourselves to be happy. It’s a misunderstanding that happiness is something you find. many studies show that in fact happiness is a state which you achieve, “flow”. happiness comes from competence, autonomy and relatedness. and how happy you are I guess depends on which of those you value the most.
so we’re actually not that rational at all.
you might be wondering what’s the reason for going this far and returning to the same conclusion you did before embarking on this thought experiment.
for one, i think the way you live life is fundamentally changed when you realize this end goal. you now live a life that you know truly belongs to you.
and if we are really an experiment, you never want the subjects to know that they are in an experiment. but by arriving at the conclusion that we could be an experiment and changing our behavior because of that, we have defeated the experiment.


One thought on “*WARNING* let’s all die.

  1. This seems like a post with interesting ideas but I had immense difficulties following your thoughts. There are many points made but the connection between them is not quite clear, and it does not help when some of those are pretty dubious (I am pretty certain evolution has nothing to do with mental will to live…though this point is pretty trivial in your flow of argument).

    You say that happiness depends on selfishness, adaption and deception.
    Selfishness is clear.
    Your meaning of adaption is difficult to grasp, especially because biological adaption (a process of natural selection and mutation) has nothing to do with mental process, (eg. a bacterium can also exhibit “adaption”) so I am not really sure of the connection of adaption to happiness. (the stimulus example is again dubious because classical conditioning in psychology actually suggests the opposite of your outcome. Furthermore, even if your account of stimulus were true, how it links back to adaption and also happiness is not obvious at all.)
    Deception is clear enough, mostly because the only sentence that directly relates to deception is “we can deceive ourselves to be happy,” to which the readers’ response is “…..ok, good to know.”

    Then you introduce altogether new concepts: that happiness is a state which a subject occupies and that it comes from competence, autonomy and relatedness. Without elaboration or explanation.

    Lastly, you touch back on the thought experiment, which I think is a neat idea on which, as a read, I would want to see elaborations. Again I do not see how it relates back to your thoughts on happiness.

    Anyways, those are my comments. Just putting forth the question marks in my head after reading this really. I imagine editing this and thinking through your ideas more thoroughly would consume a lot of time, so don’t be obliged to rewrite.

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