empirical reality

march 23rd
a similar idea to midsummer night’s dream.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
(English majors out there, please correct me if i’m totally butchering my interpretation. I tend to do that)

are we all just actors on a stage?
or is it just one actor,me, on this stage?

there are the moments when you wake up and can’t differentiate between dream and reality.
when you remember that you mistook dream for life just a while ago.
and you question your roots in the real world? how much of this is real?
is this not a dream?
and was that dream not just a dream in a dream?

we think we’re all in this together but you don’t know what the other people is thinking. we are only aware of our own thoughts.
what is there to say that it’s not just you alone on this stage.

it’s about connectedness. the moment when you’re connected to a person, the emotional rapport you build, the genuine smile you give each other.
it feels real and in that moment you don’t think  you could be alone.

and what of trees and plants. if they have life, what is their role. just agents in this grand stage.
at moments when you feel connected to the world. you feel alive and awake.

life is a sensory journey.
what we sense is what we perceive to be true.
but there is not truth to that.

yet again, when happens when all is said and done or when you part ends? where do we go then?
the play is unscripted and any moment our part may end. it is fearful yet puts us on the edge of our chairs and makes us question.

what say you?


One thought on “empirical reality

  1. dearest jason,

    life is indeed like a play, but with many climaxes, comedic relieves, and actors that continuously circle around, act after act, some will stick around you, be part of your stage for longer, but they too one day will pass on, it is how you interact, and how you build the rapport with those you share the stage with in the moment that matter

    as for me, i act in solace that i know what the ending would be, or at least I have hope for that ending, that it will be a beautiful end, and that when i walk off that stage, the welcoming for me would be so much better than what was on stage, without the drama, without the changing of actors, only eternal praise and peace and love, of the Kingdom of God

    dream on, act on, this is what we’re on this earth for, but doing that with the knowledge of the end, or the emphasis of loving those around you, makes it all the more easier, happier, and more fulfilling

    love your best friend,

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