looking back this semester, i feel like i’ve matured. i’ve finally come to terms with some issues.

the purpose of life
my role in this world
my contributions to this world
my capabilities
my capacity for sin, cowardness.
my involvement in family matters
my academic interest/concentration/field of interest
my friends
letting fate decide my future.

the following is being solved now:
female relationships

and i think the realization throughout everything is quoted from a reddit depthhub post
“Stop trying to be sure, and learn to endure uncertainty. Being sure is like riding a flat rollercoaster.” – Divayth_Fyr
and from Feynman’s video
i can like with doubt uncertainty and not knowing. i think it is more interesting to leave not knowing. i have approximate answers, possible beliefs, and different degrees of certainty about different things but i’m not absolutely sure about anything. i don’t feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without any purpose which is the way it really is. it doesn’t frighten me. – richard feynman


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