fast times at brown u

imagine the end of every movie about highschool like fast times at ridgemont high and breakfast club. cut scenes of youthfulness, empty highschool hallways fill the screen. over soothing music, the voice of the protagonist makes introspective conclusions about life, youth.
that’s me right now, talking about sw 2012.

sw 2012 was infinitely better than sw 2011. concerts were on the main green which were a huge plus. i wasn’t preoccupied about getting laid and ended up enjoying the night more. i sat on a wall of a party Dj’ed by glitch mob, and realizing that i finally found the insane college party that i had come here for.

this weekend plus browsing on reddits, gave me a few things that i wanted to share.

a lot can be said about this culture’s preoccupation with pleasure, but more importantly being the protagonist of their own story. everyone wants to drink the most. everyone wants to score the most physically attractive member of the opposite sex that he/she can lay hands on. everyone wants to be the it. i’m routinely amazed by all these self-confident youth of this country. in my mind, it’s difficult to have a small group of self-confident youth, let alone a whole nation of them. but you do see compromises that have to made, guys going for imo less attractive girls, in other words, settle. Or, at the end of the night, reverting back to your one FWB. that mostly has to do with temporal discounting. if you have heard about the marshmallow experiment, then you probably know what i’m talking about. this link on reddit is probably a much better simple explanation of valuing different things at different points in time.
but on sunday morning, everyone has their own story of the night to tell.

i also saw probably close to the entirety of our school’s athletes yesterday night at the soccer house. i guessed based on the simple fact that the average height there was probably 6 ft 4 and 200 lbs. and it made me realize that one thing about picking out potential mates. know your niche in the market, not as in give up on amazing girls but look for the ones who would be interested in your traits, and always bring your best side forward. don’t bark up the wrong tree and don’t be afraid.

this particular type of self confidence is still something i need to hone. we’re naturally drawn to confident people. just by worrying about becoming the creepy guy on the sides will make you overthink and actually turn you into that creepy guy.


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