bits of wisdom

just things in my head so i wanted to put them some where before i forget

lifehacker is surprisingly philosophical some days
here was a link about the top regrets of a person, and it also links to a post by PG

PG claims that all of these regrets were a result of some omission
omission to our dreams, friends, family, feelings, desire for happiness.
but i think otherwise.

i don’t think life can be lived perfectly so there must be regrets. and because life is finite there must be compromises
life is some of those compromises, work instead of family time, family instead of dreams, friends instead of feelings.
according to the original blog post, it says that the common regret of most males was working too hard
but i’m going to go on a limb and say that they were probably upper middle class who could afford a private nurse during their last days.
and any of you think the wealth to afford that luxury is possible without spending some good number of hours working (or using someone else’s money)

having said that, PG is right about this:
“If you had to compress them into a single piece of advice, it might be: don’t be a cog. The 5 regrets paint a portrait of post-industrial man, who shrinks himself into a shape that fits his circumstances, then turns dutifully till he stops.”

which brings me to my second piece of advice.
it comes from a reddit post
it’s a beautiful analogy about passion, and how a passion starts as a seed, and it is fragile during its early days. we must nurture and feed it day after day and our passion will grow.

that’s how we develop passions, by training ourselves to see beauty in the seemingly most ordinary things. this analogy applies to surprisingly many things, like trying to feel a certain way, learning habits and it’s centred around the idea of perseverance

another piece of advice is for living. the five regrets mentioned above, even if turned to commands, don’t really guarantee happiness. i’ve mentioned it before but the key to happiness is mastery, autonomy and connectedness. the reason why you feel happy after having a connection with a stranger whom you will never see again is connectedness. Connectedness i believe is one of the largest reasons to feel happy. You feel alive, feel like you’re a part of the world. If you’re not connected, then you just feel like you’re isolated from the world, no feeling of self-worth. It’s the ideas of causation, of being a part of the world and being able to influence things around you.

the last piece of advice learnt from QUORA is one about being smart in life. what’s the difference between a kind person and a kind person who gets used as a tool:

“You can, however, minimize your vulnerability and be less of a target to others if you act with integrity, stay organized, don’t cheat or lie, keep good records, and be competent at what you do. When you say you’ll do something, do it and do it well. When you say you’ll be somewhere, be there. If you don’t think you can do something well, don’t agree to do it.”

Simply put, be smart and don’t be stupid.

That’s all. Any of you want to leave some bits of wisdom for me?

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