the little steps to the top

There’s some days which you just can’t keep working. some vision/goal that got you really excited and you overworked and stretched yourself but still found yourself with a long way to go. and now you’re spent.

Steve Jobs always talked about how excited he is to go to work everyday to work on his products but truth be told that it never starts like that. Finding your passion before you start doing something is a myth.

We don’t necessarily not to find a passion before we embark on something but becoming good at something will create that passion.

Cal Newport advocates rethinking passion and Philipn J Guo says that we need to get good .

Even if you do get the chance to start a project, have a startup.  After the initial excitement subsides, it actually really sucks because you had all these grand hopes of what your project could be, but it’s only achieved a little bit. Products need time to grow. The beginning part is the worst. You have to build the infrastructure, the tools for your product to slowly become great. And here’s where habits come on. Making it become second nature to improve. Make it routine to have little victories every day, taking small steps every time.

We can also apply this to ourselves. It helps to think more objectively of yourself if you think of yourself as another product. You want your product to be good so you have to invest into the core skills, the infrastructure. It’s not overnight. It’s day after day of iterative improvements.

the need to balance a myopic focus on getting good with a regular infusion of exploration and a sense of possibility – Cal Newport


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