necessarily sinful

for the benefit of mankind, kids living in first world nations won’t see a bullet fly in their lifetime.
as children of the baby boomers, we have been able reap the benefits of a booming world economy for the past 70 years, materially affluent first world cities, travel around the world, enjoy the company of other lucky children of this era.
but this era of prosperity has separated us from the suffering. despite the proliferation of information, the true of consequences of our actions on the rest of the world are no longer understood.
and in this era, children of our ages no longer understand what it means to be human. our moral compass is lost.

christianity has a preoccupation with forgiving sins. priests can forgive your sins.
but we are not pure lambs, we are sinful creatures
and the catholic church in the medieval ages took advantage of this.
rich people sinned and turned around to ask for the priest’s forgiveness.
but that’s not how you become a good person.
sometimes we make the wrong decision.
being a better person involves living with those mistakes, moving on and knowing what not to do the next time.

in certain situations, however, there’s no truly better option. it’s just a matter of what is more important to you.
making the hard decisions
knowing there’s no perfect answer, choosing one even though the rest of the world will remember you for that one thing
and living with a reminder of it.
being truly human means living with your sins
maybe i’m wrong but i feel like sin is somehow necessary for you to see goodness and be good. and you do need balance. sin shouldn’t completely immobilize you but it should give you a sense of gravity.

i wonder about those generals, those generals who took over a city, and had the choice between pillaging the city, raping the women, burning the houses and killing the babies, or keeping all of them and having no food to share with all his men who killed and died for him.
i wonder what they chose and how they lived with it.
they are the strong people but then you wonder how one man can have so much power over so many others?

my philosophy is treating everyone equally
but that’s easy for me to do in today’s world, much more so than those generals.


One thought on “necessarily sinful

  1. the catholic church did indeed try to have men takeover and be able to forgive sins, but ultimately Christians reformed and realized that since all humans are the same and as sinful as each other, only by the grace of God Himself can we be healed and be saved, and that’s they key point in redemption, and in mercy, that despite our sinful nature, there is a saving grace out there for us, should we want it

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