what i learnt at a western wedding

American: bride side pays
Chinese: groom side pays, bride side gives some jia zhuang

American: about what the groom and bride like. the star are the two individuals
Chinese: about the family, about their upbringing
old elderly talk a lot, talk about old times, show a ton of baby photos.
the ceremony is to thank everyone who took part in the upbringing
marriage is a unity between two families

American: Going dutch, 25kg per bag. Dad pay for all?
personalization, paying for your own clothes => violation of the idea of family.
Chinese: definitely, head of family pay for all.

Chinese: blood is thicker than water, family as basic unit. all rights are subsidiary to family rights
American: individual as basic unit, one’s rights, liberty and freedom.
Faulkner books, family fights are now few and far between

American: economy, individual, free market
Chinese: more feudal, more patriarchal, more co-operative, more restrictive, more powerful


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