nostalgia kicking in

even i can’t believe i’m a junior, with only two years left at this’s a sad feeling really.
i feel like this year i finally got my shit together, taking advanced classes, being a TA, having a single in a suite. i finally feel like i’m making something of myself, not waiting until the next time, not waiting until tomorrow. today was great.
i shouldn’t be all pessimistic and stuff but it’s true that we’re at the prime of our life. not that life will be worse pass this but it will be less exciting from now on. more striving towards stability and responsibilities. starting to establish a bedrock and foundation for our contributions to the world.

seeing all my freshman friends again after the summer was the final kick. at one point, we all lived no more than 40 steps away from each other. now, we are separated on governor, on lloyd and in grad center.
i mean people always say that when you grow old, you’ll be lucky if you need two hands to count all your good friends. i guess it makes sense because when you move on in life, your experiences start diverging. not many people will necessarily go through the same thing as we would have all throughout our childhood and teenage years. our intellectual interests diverge. not many people will necessarily will like or be interested what you are doing. i guess that’s why it is so nice to have those good friends who understand you, who understand where you are coming from and where you are going to.

the song that is on the playlist now is on the road again. we shouldn’t be sad i suppose because that’s the cycle of life. life never stops and neither should we stop dead in our tracks to reminisce about what has been, rather we should look towards what will become.


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