It does feel good to have an outlet to say something and knowing that it reaches a few people, even though it’s not everyone. But there certainly is a pressure to write good material if you expect it to reach a wide audience, especially one like facebook because  you will get judged. Everything on facebook also seems so PC now. I’ve seen much less frequent use of the ‘Notes’ function as it had been during my high school years. I also know a lot of the things and thoughts I have to say are controversial in nature which makes it less alluring to publicize it.


  1. end of idealism
  2. desire to learn. personal projects


It’s been a slow transformation, starting from last year since my internship, and extending through my job search this fall, my work with MED International over my last year. I’ve slowly moved away from the hermit that I was into a person who is more in tune with society. All of this can be explained in a very simple principle. We do not live in vacuums. “The markets are all inter-connected” said one workshop leader I had in Singapore. But I think we can take this further and simply say everything is inner-connected, as movies like Cloud Atlas, Babel, Seven would like you to believe. For ‘Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?’, there’s a basic assumption that these two systems are connected. Everything happens within a context, a frame of reference. That context determines feasibility. Feasibility is something academics don’t often consider. But if you want real change in the world, and not just a discussion of perceived benefits of change, then execution is necessary. Execution requires compromises, sacrifices, words that academics don’t like hearing but know are true.


From the above, I had a realization. If a successful execution depends on the context, then awareness of the context is crucial. And learning this context simply comes from knowledge. I think this is my interpretation of the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. Knowledge gives you insight into what works and what doesn’t, and ultimately translates into your ability to create change. Another person at the workshop also said to me that making better decisions is about ‘getting better information or processing that same information better than another person’

That realization has given me a strong desire to learn right now. I want to read everything I get my hands on. I want every second of my life to be filled with learning new facts and new concepts. Obviously, there’s a lot one can learn. Here are the few personal projects I have been considering or want to start:

  • World News : reading economist to get a good understanding of the current global climate
  • 3D printing : buying a 3D printer to learn
  • Development Board : using a development board to build something interesting
  • Map/Vector Data : very interested in digital representation of map data.



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