HONY-inspired guilt

Source : HONY http://www.humansofnewyork.com/post/90660762726/what-do-you-feel-most-guilty-about-that-i-live

“What do you feel most guilty about?”
“That I live on the West Coast, and my mom lives here on her own. I’m here on business, so I just got to visit her. My friend calls these ‘lightbulb trips.’ When you visit your older parent after not seeing them for awhile, and there’s something simple they need you to do, like a burned out lightbulb that they need you to reach, and you realize that if you hadn’t come, they’d have been sitting in the dark.”

As the summer draws to an end, and I countdown the remaining time at home, I am starting to ponder the relationship I will have with my parents over the next few years while I work across the world. It’s true that proximity isn’t everything and there’s such a thing as long-distance romantic relationships which would be a great example for long-distance familial relationships.But simply being there is the most important part in a relationship and this HONY post perfectly illustrates that point.

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