I attended two services today to celebrate two lifes, one was of Mrs Carol Lui, and one was of Roger Ebert.

I rarely cry, even movies because I’m too busy tearing apart the movie and convincing myself it is fiction. But today, I shed a few tears. A freak traffic accident claimed the life of a lovely wife and a mother of 3 daughters. It was seeing how heartbroken the husband was during his eulogy, seeing how much he had loved his wife and the happy life they originally had ahead of them. It was seeing how brave the oldest daughter was, smiling in the face of everything, a desperate desire within her to rise to the moment to care for her father and her sisters, and to step in as the motherly figure, yet realizing that she was just all too young to be facing any of this. It was seeing how young the other two daughters were, too young to even comprehend the real meaning of death, too young to have even had a deep emotional relationship with their mother. It led my mind to movie scenes of rebellious young female lead breaking down and explaining that her mother had died too early and the only memory she had was of them going to the park or buying ice-cream together. It was seeing how this had dramatically changed the course of the husband’s life, how he now had a God given duty to care for his three daughters as a single father, and the trials and tribulations still ahead of him. RIP Mrs Carol Lui. I know you will look after your family from above.

The other service I attended was from watching the movie ‘Life Itself’, a documentary on Roger Ebert, half of it on his film critic days, and the other half of it on his last days on this planet. It was different. Death was there from the first scene until the last. It was almost like the whole movie was just a countdown for his death. In the average biographical documentary, death is only introduced at the end as the last chapter. It is never mentioned until the very end, but this documentary chose to do it differently. It was this long physical process of dying that I think really touched my heart.

RIP Mrs Carol Lui and Mr Roger Ebert


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