First post after moving to SF.

Occupation of Central, Hong Kong by insane number of people. It does not look good as police get more agitated to clear the roads and the protestors become more resolute

Some score keeping on both sides:


1. Storming the government complex. (Public or not, illegal assembly is still a thing and police have a right to remove you)


1. Using tear gas and pepper spray which hasn’t been used in such quantity since the WTO in 2001. Lots of video evidence that this was happening unprovoked.
2. Arresting Joshua Wong without bail was unlawful
3. Apparently, plastic bullets now which obviously does not help painting the police as the nice guys.

A lot of people like myself were monitoring the whole thing on social media and honestly on social media, the police are painted like demons. A lot of people who were only considering the idea of going started being convinced as they saw more of these pictures and more people arrived. The critical turning point was probably 2-4p when protestors successfully blocked Gloucester road. Safety in numbers.

There is an angry mob fermenting and the government and police force have to be extremely careful in their actions not to provoke it even further.

Several misplays by the police force I think:

1. It was too easy for protestors to get in and get out. The borders were too porous. There should have been a complete embargo a lot earlier. It was too easy for them to send supplies over.
2. There were some key figures who should not have been let through. A lot of them were critical in providing more emotional fodder for the protestors3. They should have not let any more people exit Admiralety station when Glucoster road had been overtaken to or even before that when there were thousands of people.
4. They should not have arrested Joshua Wong alone. They seemed too much like intentional political oppression. Plus, the police overestimated the kid’s importance.

Suggestions for the police:

1. Remove all the masks.
2. Coordinate a large number of buses to take protestors away from the protest zones or not letting anymore people exit the Admiralty, Central stations.
3. Official pardon for all protestors but ask them to remain within a certain street area.
4. They need their own youtube and social media live stream, Seriously.

There needs to be a resolution. Otherwise, the students will just come out in larger numbers. We have to be careful to carefully balance it because students seem to forget the PLC is literally next door. CY Leung needs to come out and make an official statement.


1. CY Leung resigns
2. CY Leung gets someone from China to say something positive about reconsideration of public nomination.
3. CY Leung gives an official pardon to all protestors but asks them to remain within Admiralty district, within certain street limits.

I can’t think of anything else. Also, the police commander of the force needs to resign after this whole incident. It’s merely politics.

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