I am still not a fan of occupy hong kong.

I’m on the fence about the police’s behavior. It seems pretty indecent for the police to fire tear gas on the ‘peaceful’ mass. Again, illegal assembly is still illegal, especially on a public road so force can be used to disperse the crowds. I think the initial thought was to clear out Harcout Road so there was an urgency to push back the crowd as fast as possible leading to more indiscriminate use of tear gas. There are comparisons on how many tear gas was used in the 2001 WTO protest versus this year’s protest. To be very fair, there were a couple hundred protestors in 2001 and a couple thousand at a very conservative estimate. Tear gas is not an offensive weapon. It is a crowd dispersal tool. It causes irritation but no damage, like eating a lemon. Yes, warning before throwing them would have been a lot better though. Ultimately, it was the tear gas I think that led to some very iconic pictures and let to a mass turnout. A misplay by the police for sure. The police should come out for a public apology.

As my friend Joyce put it, it is pretty clear that a lot of people joined the protest not because of the political aspect but simply because the policemen fired tear gas at the protestors. So no one really knows why they are protesting.

Since then, there has been a very significant de-escalation by the police and even lots of police moving out. I find that quite interesting. Here are some possible explanations for their move:

  • Entire police force has been exhausted
  • Pushback by the policemen on the tear gas so they want to de-escalate.
  • Draw out the occupation so there is more negative emotions towards the protestors.

Here are some ideas for the protestors if they really want to be TRULY peaceful.

  • Voluntarily move to a place which minimally affects HK traffic. Occupy only one side of the street.
  • Continue speeches and talks but I think if the three occupy central organizers feel like it wasn’t their movement, there won’t be as much organized activity anymore.

Again, protestors need to be aware of the end game. What is the end game they are playing for? For a chance to meet CY Leung? They can’t escalate either if the demands are not met. It’s a losing battle for them. CY Leung I think should have come out and meet the protestors and set an image of being a capable leader.

Also, the whole protest is misguided. I think a lot of people don’t even know what they are protesting in the context of the larger issues. Democracy as it is given to us right now is very much the way it is administered throughout the world. The world’s best democratic country, the land of dreams, UNITED STATES, their president is elected through indirect election. The nomination committee percentage also hasn’t been determined yet. Please, kids, open your eyes and ears and learn. When this all ends, I think the protestors will look a little silly.

Western media sucks, sucks. “Educational” posts my ass.

Also, this MT dude is an idiot.

Update : The nomination committee percentage has been determined. The candidate must receive 50% approval. Approval is a little different from a vote. Under this nomination committee, I suppose that every member can approve more than 1 candidate. One thing to note though which I haven’t really found an answer to is, what happens if only one or no candidate gets approved. Do they pick one, or two?

I am not a fan of occupy hong kong for the illegal assembly aspect of it and the inconvenience to other people in Hong Kong but I am happy that the occupation has become very peaceful and self-controlled since Monday. Still man, CY Leung has to come out and say some shit. Good choice of dates though. Damn. Didn’t realize Wednesday was a holiday until yesterday.

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