B4 : all in the name of democracy

All in the name of democracy. This is something that all the protestors have been yelling and screaming for in the last couple days. And I invite us to think about this democracy that we all fight for.

a. Do we already have democracy? Yes, we have universal suffrage. What about public nomination, isn’t that part of democracy? Nope, it’s not. Because look at America, the presidential candidates also go through indirect elections through the party system. What’s so weird about nomination committees then?
b. Will democracy bring us prosperity or happiness? Look at the western world for a canonical example of what democracy has brought. I don’t see any difference between Hong Kong and the western world. The people are too myopic on getting this democracy thing.

I’ve lived in the world’s most democratic country for four years now. I can tell you that progress is not synonymous with democracy. Background checks for gun sales is still not a thing in many parts of the USA.

Hong Kong, don’t squander the remainder of your competitive advantage against the rest of Asia. democracy does not bring prosperity. It is pragmatism that will. Democracy didn’t bring Hong Kong to where it is today. Pragmatism and entrepreneurship did.

The protestors will look a bit silly at the end of all of this.


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