141014121730-hong-kong-police-remove-sign-horizontal-galleryTaken from CNN : http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/14/world/asia/china-hong-kong-protest/index.html

All right reserved to photo-taker

It’s an interesting photo especially with the following captions provided by Charles Mok, legco member.

HK police tear down barricades to clear way for cars.

It’s interesting because you can see the intent in the photographer. It’s a lot more political than a picture of policemen moving away metal barricades. Furthermore, it’s also a large sea of police officers with the exact same uniform, all male, with relatively similar heights and builds, and the ones in the back are out of focus as well. Not to mention the two police officers holding the sign, we can only see the side of one, and the back of another. So obviously allusions to these ideas of anonymous police, oppressive larger-than-life states.

Again, it’s an example of how media can be so manipulative. A very deliberately chosen photograph to use as the CNN cover photo for the news story.


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