Hello friends,

I’ve been in SF almost for two months now.  This post has been a long time coming. A lot has happened already but various reasons (mostly sleep) keeping preventing me from sitting down and writing about my life.

Here are some points/thoughts not fully thought out:

  • I was quite anxious the last couple weeks. Settling in, doing all these adult things, and feeling alone kind of added up and actually made me quite unhappy. I think a large part of that just stemmed from me missing college and desperately wanting all my college friends back. Shout out to 199,201 Power.
  • Real-world life is tough. It’s just a lot more draining than it seems. 40hours a week seems little out of the 70 hours that you’re awake during the weekdays. But somehow, when you get back home at 7p after waking up at 8a, you realize you’ve been preparing for work or at work or getting back at work for 11 hours, and you realize you only have 5 hours left before you should crawl in bed. It’s just tiring and I think that added a lot to my anxiety.
  • I think there’s also this SF/big city syndrome where you can feel like you want do try and do everything and meet everyone.
  • Talking to my brother who told me that it usually takes him 3 -6 months to get settled in a place. And going to a tea with strangers event where one of the participants told me that one piece of advice she would have given to her younger self is that ‘stop being so anxious, everything will turn out fine’
  • So I decided that I shouldn’t be anxious anymore. If things take longer, then so be it. Sometimes it is easy to forget the people that you see have been in the city for years, sometimes even decades, they’ve just had a lot more time to figure shit out.
  • As for why I shouldn’t bad anymore. I’m in the prime of my life, living in a wonderful city, having a pretty good job. No reason to complain whatsoever.


  • Won’t talk about work here. but I’ve been a lot more interested in how other human beings live ever since beginning of this year. Maybe I’ve realized that is the most important thing in life. Not money, not knowledge but simply the human experience, the most valuable thing of all. And I want to spent my life trying to understand other lives. Have watched a couple interesting youtube videos here and there. But can’t watch youtube my entire life because I would never have interesting experiences of my own then!

Peace and love,


p.s. Didn’t want to talk about Hong Kong because I’m sure you’re bored by now. But my basic stance remains the same. yes democracy, no occupy central, good job to cops because they’ve been doing a good job except hitting one of the protestors (who apparently had a triad background) and bad job to CY who has been delaying talks, and also saying dumb stuff. hmm, unfortunate that he is the current CE, beacuse I feel like it’s giving the pan-D a lot more ammo for 689 to resign. If we had a better CE right now (which was elected by election committee), then there would be less to say. USA has taught me that good politicians != good administrators and vice versa. Oh well.


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