New Year and Birthday resolutions

I’ve realized that setting goals in life can be helpful in making us into better people. Following are some goals I’ve decided for upon this year and the people who inspired me. Sometimes, simply talking about things makes us accountable for them:

  • Health
    • Get to around 155lbs for weight and 15% body fat (Inspiration : all the fit people in SF)
      • march 2015 : 160lbs, 18%
      • june 2015 : 160lbs, 16-17%, not much progress on this front but i feel healthier
    • Run a 10k or even a half marathon by the end of 2015 (Inspiration : all the fit people in SF)
      • march 2015 : 6-7k comfortably
      • june 2015 : 10k in about 57/58 minutes (next goal : 10k in 50minutes)
  • Diet
    • Aim for at least 1 veggie meal a week, preferably 3 (Inspiration : KH)
      • march 2015 : sort of following
      • june 2015 : doing this one pretty comfortably actually. have a food diary on my calendar and i seem to be way surpassing this one.
    • Abstain from beef and lamb (Inspiration : KH)
      • march 2015 : sort of following
      • june 2015 : yea, either than an itch here or there, also seem to be doing well on this one. probably will eat a little of beef/lamb 1 meal of the week.
  • Hobbies
    • Read 12 books, around 1 per month (Inspiration : KH)
      • march 2015 : Biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issac Stephenson, and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
      • june 2015 : reading 100 years of solitude, slower progress on this front
    • Learn to play at least one piano piece well
      • march 2015 : Playing Chopin’s Nocturne Opus. 9 No. 2
      • june 2015 : given up on this one for now
    • Engage in Side Projects (added may 2015)
      • june 2015 : Working on two side projects, mostly on the coding front but I realize I enjoy it

Should be “a hell of a guy” by the end of 2015? hahahha. Any other suggestions?


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