2017 Resolutions

To copycat a friend, I would like to articulate the following goals for this year.


– Get down to 160lbs weight, 13% body fat
– Exercise at least 3 times a week for 40 or more weeks

– Start and end work promptly to allow time for other activities afterwards

– Be able to go down a black diamond slope on snowboard
– 3 trips to Tahoe
– Make 5 trips to new cities/countries

Choose one of the 3
– Play 5 songs on ukelele
– Research and make plans for a motorcycle purchase

Continuing Education
– Read 20 books
– Finish CPA course
– Finish 3 Stanford Continuing Education Courses
– Attend different angel investing meetups, carry one solid connection to a deal phase

– Go on at least 5 dates

Being in better physical shape is one of the goals I have for this year. It’s dawned upon me that my youth is slowly sleeping away and unless I take assertive steps to regain my health, and make it a part of my life, even if it may not be the most enjoyable aspect.

Continuing education

I continually find myself wanting to learn more and more outside of my work. But I find that I need a structure to learn under, as long as it is a more formal setting. This will help me as I try to discover what I want to do more off in the upcoming future.


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