National Security Measures

I have a thought, maybe one too controversial to post in name-tied social media in the current situation. By no means am I trying to defend Trump for this illogical and deeply hurtful ban. No doubt the ban itself is bordering on unconstitutional, but we have seen this 180 degrees turn on security 8 years ago, when Obama did not pull out troops from Iraq/Afghanistan or shut down Guantanamo despite campaigning so hard and loud for it. And now Trump, despite many people even close advisors saying that it was all campaign rhetoric, decided to actually implement the ban. What goes on in those security briefings? Is something so world-shattering and mind-bending that it convinces two presidents of quite opposing political leanings do the same thing to “increase national security measures”?


One thought on “National Security Measures

  1. the opportunity cost of being known as the guy who let a tangible attack happen (or not looking tough enough) is much higher than being known as the guy who protected intangible rights

    anyway, the phrase “you can never be too careful” didn’t come from nowhere right?

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