A routing performance last week by the Dems in Virginia and NJ. Great news in an off-election year, considering past historic performance.

Concerns remain:

Anti-Trump sentiment was in full-force, leading to a uncommon performance by Dems in an off-election year. I hope this momentum continues, but I must say I remain clueless about the reasons for low voter turnout for Dems typical in off-election years. Dems believe they are morally superior? Reps always feel like the Dems, the gov, the immigrants are repressing them, and fight for every inch they can get?

Trump has provided a unifying force for all Dems, which reminds me of the realization by Dr Manhattan that a common enemy gives the enemies of the enemy a reason to combine forces and work together.  I am guilty of being the type of person who would give up 12 inches over 12 days, but not 1 foot in a minute. What does this mean for humanity if this is who we are, resistors of tyranny, but acquiescence of convenience?

In rural areas, people still voted overwhelmingly red, which does not bode well for electoral college voting system, considering the high concentration of blue voters in urban areas. #MoveToTheCountry

A glimmer of hope considering the state of affairs. My friend called this the revolt of the democratic system. I sincerely hope this does translate into more success.



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