About Me
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jason Shum is bilingual in Chinese and English. He is currently a CS major at Brown and wants to go into the bioinformatics field. You can reach him at jason [dot] ch [dot] shum [at] gmail [dot] com

About this Blog
This blog started as a writing therapy project to help me navigate through the dark, emo teenage years. I’ve since switched to write more about philosophy-related subjects.

On my blog, there are some topics which I think are more unique:

If you’re interested into my more “musing” type blog posts, I’ve written about

and finally, some of the more memorable posts which I remember writing,

Life is meaningless. Get over it. You suck. Get used to it. Now try to be a better person.
what life is, emotional resilience. human imperfection. adaptability. try.


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