the two second thought process

There are problems in every facet of life. There is always some problem at any time, any place, any dimension of life.
But the process of problem solving has complicated to such a sophisticated thing that we just end up exacerbating the problem
Let’s say the simple problem of building a highway in a neighborhood. (I guess it’s not that simple, but simple enough). To me, I guess it’s reasonable to have to discuss with the government, the construction, the urban planners, and the supplier. But when you start to involve more and more parties like the geologist for the topography, or the biologist to assess the animals you’re killing in that area, climatologist to calculate how the amount of exhaust fume will destroy the atmosphere, economist to find the link between # of highways and economic prosperity, don’t you think it’ going a bit overboard.
I recently read a book about thinking, but a special kind of thinking.  The rapid cognition that happens when we decide we like a person or not within the first few moments we meet them. Of course we don’t think consciously about it, but then it does happen in our subconscious. We don’t necessarily think it, but our actions are indeed affected by it.
Sounds a bit unrelated but then I must say that sometimes making decisions has to be like that. Quick, snap, no looking back. You may be horrified from a suggestion like this. It’s always better to go over the risk analysis, decision analysis graphs and think for a million times before you decide, asking millions of experts, combining the power of masses.
But then I must add that although our rapid cognition happens, we make our decision/judgment based on some reason, not just random choice. We don’t have a good feeling about a person because of some reason, maybe their appearance, but it’s something that our unconscious mind picks up and recognizes that there is something missing from this person to qualify as a good person.
This idea sounds totally absurd and crazy. Imagine deciding whether to choose obama/mccain based on this rapid cognition. You would probably think about it for a week before committing to one person. But I must say that our subconscious is much more powerful than and better at making the right choice.