numbers and words

abstraction of all knowledge in its most elemental form consist of words and numbers.
words are used to explain our souls.
numbers are a way to explain nature, governed by laws.
you could argue that there are really no words, but just still unknown equations.
there’s some other dichotomies that lend well to number and words,  qualitative and quantitative, science and literature
of course, this is all very generalizing.

it’s a very interesting concept to me that each of us have only one mind.
and our whole lives we try to understand someone else’s mind through their words, their body language.
emotional rapport is a combination of topic, body language
and we never do know how successful we truly are.
don’t you get that question in your head whether the other person actually understands you?

and education should be general.
education for triviality is useless. for specific artificial constructs and based on assumptions.
remove all assumptions, all traces for artificialness.
start from the bare world and try to explain what it is and how it is now today. that should be the purpose of education
education teaches us the right way to conceptualize the world with simple laws, and theories.

in the process of tackling some life questions about females, dating and relationships
my next step will be learning how to actualize dreams and the balance between dreams and dreaming.
learning how to balance confidence and cockiness, proactive and passive.


cs and finding jobs


this came up on the top visualizations of 2011 from

it’s really exciting to talk about all these fields and discuss how they are changing our lives with friends, but to be honest, i am still inside the center, desperately trying to learn all the pre-requisite knowledge before i can talk of being up to date.

i had a really awesome time learning about computer systems this semester under pvh. it gave me a much deeper understanding of computers, something which i’ve always wanted to learn. but a recent talk with mbwong about has led me to look into this exploding field centered around data: machine learning, comp bio, artificial intelligence. i found some information and have subsequently decided to make my own brainstorm. participation is encouraged.
and then i realized that i had always loved big data all along.

as a young kid, my favorite books were the huge ones with cross sections of buildings and structures with gorgeous illustrations explaining every part. i no longer have it on my shelf but i loved this star wars book so so much. (why don’t they make good ones anymore?) it was the perfect book, combining nerdiness and big data.

i’ve been listening to some lectures on, one of three classes that were offered by stanford to the public. i currently plan to take machine learning next semester but i’ll decide after the first few weeks.

the real problem is i still haven’t really decided what kind of field i want to specialize in. i’ve been watching the first lecture of  many courses on opencourseware to get a feel for each subfield inside cs but i’m still unsure.

the other thing that’s been on my mind is jobs/internships.

after getting into college, my naivety led me to believe that studying cs at a good university would  automatically give me tons of internship offers. so i haven’t really been on my game in terms of preparing myself and my resume for jobs. most of the things i’ve done have been short lived and random so it looks terrible on a cv.

but i’ve recently started to remember how many better-qualified candidates than me. the comforting thing to think is that they always say they will hire great talent as soon as they see it but the problem is becoming that great talent. with the limited knowledge i have under my belt, i don’t think i stand out as an applicant compared to many of my peers.

my uncertainty of my interest is also a concern since i don’t really know what job to apply for if i don’t know what i want to do.

i can’t decide whether for the rest of my winter break i should devote more of my time into watching lectures and learning things or looking into ways to beef up my resume? advice?