the descendant of the dragon

i don’t care what you think of me now, a commie, a socialist, a sick man of asia, a yellow dude

but i wanna scream to the world I TOLD YOU SO

i rmb i backed china when everyone called it a commie country, the country of hell.

august 8, 2008, marked the rebirth of china, the celebration ceremony of the coming of age of the country that was once a toddler who still has small eyes, yellow skin, short height. second golden age of the dragon country after 2000 years.

everything in my skin screams CHINA PREVAILS.

i couldn’t help feel proud for a country I stood behind before most others did

i feel proud for the BEIJING OLYMPICS messages across everyone china person’s face

the sound of 2008 drums, the picture of motherland china, the image of the sole chinese man taking his journey joined all of china on that very special night that shall remain in our history book…


i just hope the people who had fought so hard for china’s revival could come back from the dead to see their own efforts

now, i just hope china falls back into another dark age too soon