usa – u suck ass (the country that once stood for propersity)

Stuck at the airport for the second time,  it was kind annoying why fate has yet once again played a trick on me. It was hard to not be fucking mad esp about the country’s fucked up system, the retarded people and their dumbass president who should have been assassinated a long time before he was elected president.
The fact that their country is really screwed up from the health care system, to politics, to the country’s obesity problem, drug problems, the country had a good vision in the beginning of its inception, of a free country where everyone is free from prosecution and discrimination of race, religion, appearance, where this country was suppose to be a country that stood for liberty, justice and freedom.

The starting goal is good but it must be said right now that there are a few ground rules that everyone mustabide by more than the few included in the country’s constitutional law
The country’s health care problem. I don’t wanna sound like obama on this issue. But it must be said that the country’s healthcare is in a mess.  With 2 billion people all from different races the ranges of disease and illness are more than a medical dictionary can contain.
The country’s obesity problem. Everywhere you look, people over 200 pounds or even three hundred regularly meet your eye. It is no wonder why the health care system is so screwed up, the number of people who die from heart attacks, cholesterol problems could account for I assume 1/3 of the population. The problem is that everything in usa is too big. The food portions, the sugar concentration, the fat concentration. If they could count down on all of this, we would probably have already alleviated the health care problem
The countr’s automobile problem. The country’s concept of suburbism started during the early 1900s, the conception of living in a house with their own lawn, garage and yard appealed to everyone, become synonymous with the American dream. That was ok until gas prices reach $4 per gallon. The people suddenly have transportation costs consuming up to ¼ or even 1/3 of their income. People start complaining but if it wasn’t their president’s stupid decision to attack an oil exporting country, I’m sure everything would be fine.
The country’s black and latino problem. As with any country with more than one dominant race, a problem is bound to arise. From the culture mixing to the very distribution of federal speeding of the different races. For the beginners, the country has no dominant culture, the blacks haven’t assimilated nor have the latinos. They have just incorporated their own heavily individual culture such as rap music, drugs, pimp cars as well as their problems of laziness, obnoxious. Lations have also incorporated their own heavy family based culture; which has created a large influx of latino immigrants who keep brining on their families and relatives. It will not be long before USA declares mexico as it’s 51 state.  These two cultures contrast too much with the community heavy culture of Caucasians, creating many misunderstandings, misconception, confusion which has created this corrupted, broken down system of usa.
The country’s suppressing institutions. There are a lot of geniuses out there, but the problem is that there are also obnoxious senators, house of representatives who think they know everything. If the country can just harness the power of some of the geniuses in the country, I’m sure it would have ended up ten times better than it were today.
Despite all the problems. If there is one thing have learn is that most americans are nice, friendly. If you are nice to them, they are very naturally nice to you. The only thing we need know is a visionary leader (obama/mccain don’t really fit the description, with one being dumb, and the other being fickle). I hope both of them get assassinated.