Relearnt in 852

Something i re-learnt back in hk
Who you know still matters in this part of the world.
Learning from people is still faster than learning from a book

Jobs avaialble to me back after my four years:

Dad thinks a special talent is required to be Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Job,
Programming since age 3
University dropouts because they are so brilliant, confident and sure
and he knows I don’t have it.

Aging population is China’s greatest enemy
700 million people at least age 50 by 2016
Imagine the need for doctors

Deal maker
Fast money – you don’t need to know anything, just be good at bullshitting.
Just know people, know all the people you need to know. use those

Manager in any field
Hard earned money
but you only have to be a decent leader and enough technical, hard skills

Chinese think you need to know your career by age 4.
or you can keep wandering around to find your passion

There isn’t any one way to success
Anyway can get to Harvard. Or even more, anyone can be modern society successful i.e. rich and well respected.

Different places just call for different personality types, strategies