that feeling you have when you want to jump at an incoming train.

that my friend is called impulse

impulse is something all of us have, but try to refrain from displaying any of it

you ever feel jealous of that crazy guy in a date movie who is walking on the street, suddenly gets an epiphany and orders a taxi to go find his “true” love.

we like to romanticize it and call it the realization that you love someone, but i think it’s impulse.

common norms, decorum, social behavior is to prevent impulse, to prevent you from doing something out of the ordinary, something werid.

don’t you to sometimes just wanna do something crazy for the heck of it.

breaking rules, doing nutty stuff is something i’ve been wanting to do lately

after been grounded (or sth like that), forced to hard labour and work for nearly a month, my head is getting a bit bored.

so when i see a bus with an empty seat or just something interesting, my mind wanders off with it.

but then what do i do afterwards. i just stand there and continue on with m life

displaying and acting on impulse requires courage, requires a bit of crazyiness in you as well. but then impulse just puts us in the moment, and makes our adrenaline rise to sky high levels.

however, my friend. impulse is a two-bladed sword. not every time, we get to find our true love in those date movies. we might just end up the other way. going bunjee jumping must guess high blood pressure. jumping at a train might give you broken bones if not death.

so one peice of advice: those social norms to prevent impulse are there for a reason