the necessary evil

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people are poor.
how do we lift them from it?
business. economic activity is the only way but it’s too slow with everyone having equal opportunities.
you need some people to become the models for other people.
then, everyone is for himself because everyone wants the largest share.
business is the necessary evil to lift people out of abject poverty
but when the super-riches has accumulated unlimited amount of riches, they have the responsibility to redistribute wealth.

maybe for survival or it just happened like that,
but the response of cells to stimulus always decreasing over time.
that’s why your world is defined. you never live with everything you’ve ever heard or said in your head.
what is in your brain is the functional parts of your belief.

the rich adapt to being rich, just as the poor adapt to being poor. that’s human nature that we adapt to pain, to fear, to happiness.
but how do people justify how much to give?
it’s empathy. empathy is what artificially stimulates our brain by imagining stimulus to understand the emotions that individual goes through. to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

but i also think it’s responsibility. a responsibility that comes from inside yourself that as such a lucky person so education and privileged, we should give what we have to people who don’t have it.
everyone is selfish, but you are willing to do other things when you realize that responsibility.


life, how to live mine.

been involved in many conversations about my future career lately, which is why i’ve been writing all these posts about life. it’s sometimes ironic to realize that despite all that philosophical rationalized-thinking, you can’t really convince yourself to be happy if you’re not.

i don’t know why i’m feeling that particular stress now, out of all possible times in my life. the stress that i can’t do anything or everything. maybe it’s because a career path is a commitment of a lifetime, forty years. i want to be able to do what i like. and with all these five year expectations, set in place by my mother, i feel like some of my own dreams will not be realized.

it’s not money. it’s family duty. it’s not an avoidable part of my life. it will come up. i have to face it. it’s a reality. my parents always get the feeling i don’t want to do it. and it’s true i don’t want to do it at this point in my life. but it’s something i believe i am responsible for so i will do it.

there are two new things i learnt these days: always be open minded. the worst thing you can do is close off yourself and having already decided a career path. people our era will be switching jobs constantly, relocating constantly. you’ll never know until you try it and there’s always something you can learn from everything but always look for the common areas. that’s the transferable skills which you can take with you regardless of your job. business is one of those areas which i’ve been very close-minded about. i was wrong.

i made a ton of demands on my future job in previous posts that i have to do good, and not create noise. but sometimes we have to look at things on a more relative scale. finance, businessman aren’t evil people. some are. Yes. but we can’t make generalizations. it’s similar to how we shouldn’t make generalizations about cs majors being all nerds. of course there’s absolutely good but you can also think of things in the context that if someone else less moral than you was doing your job, the world would be a worse place.

my protocol for deciding on a career
1. being able to fulfill your responsibilities to yourself, your family, the world.
2. do something you like
3. always be openminded to new things.